The details regarding the scheme is given in the bulletin Oct - Dec 2009. Members may see the detils by viewing the bulletin given in the Bulletin page. The required application forms ( Form A & Form B) can be downloaded from the Downloads page.


Our Bank offers you the facility of Festival Loans to help you meet any kind of festival-related expenses.  Following are the details of the loan:-

Loan amount: Determined by your income & repayment capacity

Minimum: Rs.5,000/-; Maximum:4 times your net monthly income  max. Rs.50,000/-

Margin: Nil;

Interest: 2.50% above SBAR (i.e: 14.75% p.a.) w.e.f. 1.1.2009

Repayment: 12 months through EMIs

Security: Personal guarantee of the spouse or any other person of adequate worth where check-off facility is not available

Processing fee: 1.10% of the loan amount


SERVICE CHARGES  (As per circular issued in August 2008)    Inter-Core/Non-Home transactions:

The following transactions are not charged for Staff/Pensioners:

1.         Deposit of cash at non-home branches

2.         Deposit of cheques at non-home CBS branch drawn on any CBS branch/other banks

3.         Deposit of clearing instruments at non-home CBS branch drawn on non-CBS branch/other banks

4.         Encashment of cheques at non-home branch

4.         Transfer of funds from home branch to third party accounts at another CBS branch

5.         Pass Book updation at non-home branch



                                                                      PAYMENT OF ADDITIONAL INTEREST

            The Bank’s Industrial Relations Department at the Corporate Centre, Mumbai, has since clarified that the benefit of additional 1% interest may be allowed on deposits maintained jointly with the other family members of the employee/retired employee irrespective of whether the employee or the family member is the first account holder, provided the employee/retired employee furnishes a declaration that the monies deposited or which may from time to time be deposited into such accounts shall be monies belonging to him/her. Only close family members viz; spouse, son, unmarried daughter, unmarried sister, father, mother, daughter-in-law, grandson and grand-daughter of the employee may be allowed to be the joint holder of the account along with the employee /retired employee.  Son/daughter will include legally adopted son/daughter also.


It has been decided by the bank to permit Pensioners  to open  a joint a/c with their spouse in whose favour an authorisation for  family pension exists for credit of pension payment, by submitting an application in the prescribed format. vide circular No CDO/PPG/RA/504 dt. 10.11.2005. The members may avail this facility at the earliest. Specimen of letter to be addresed to the Bank cn be downloaded from the Downloads page.


The Bank is receiving large number of complaints from retirees addressed to various functionaries on several issues and more often they are not promptly attended to,  resulting in dissatisfaction among the Pensioners.  With a view to resolving the Pensioners’ grievances expeditiously, the Bank has now designated a Special Officer in the rank of Assistant General Manager (his name and address is given below), exclusively to look into our complaints.  Our members are  requested to note this and send complaints to the designated officer henceforth.


  • Shri V.D. Deshpande,
  • Assistant General Manager and
  • Spl. Officer (Complaints from Retirees),
  • State Bank of India, PPG Department, Corporate Centre,
  • Madame Cama Road, Mumbai - 400021.
  • Phone: 022-22825136 & 022-22024617


The Pensioners and Family Pensioners of SBI are eligible for Demand Loans on the following terms and conditions-

1.    Eligibility:

All Pensioners, not more than 72 years of age and all Family Pensioners, not more than 65 years of age and maintaining their pension account with the Bank, are eligible for the loan.

2.    Purpose.

To meet personal expenses.

3.    Loan Amount.

i)   Pensioner - Maximum of 12 months net pension with a ceiling of Rs.100,000.

ii)   Family Pensioner- maximum of 9 months net family pension with a ceiling of Rs 50,000. It has to be ensured that EMI does not exceed 25% of the net family pension drawn.

4.    Margin and Primary Security.


5.    Collateral Security.

i)   Pensioner- Third Party Guarantee of the spouse, eligible for Family Pension. In the absence of the spouse, guarantee of any other family member or a third party.

ii)   Family Pensioners-Third party guarantee of a person, who has been maintaining a satisfactorily conducted account with the Bank, preferably son/daughter of the Family Pensioner. However for loans upto Rs.25,000/- TPG is not necessary.

6.    Repayment.

i)   Those who have availed loan prior to completing 70 years of age- 60 monthly instalments.

ii)    Those who have availed loan between 70-72 years - 48 monthly instalments.

The deduction will start from pension payable one month after disbursement of loan.

7.   Type of Loan.

Demand loan.

8.   Rate of Interest

SBAR for the time being'

9.   Processing Fee.


10. Disbursement.

To credit to S.B account or Current account maintained at the pension paying branch.

11. Where to obtain the loan.

Branches maintaining pension accounts are authorised to sanction the loans.

12. Documentations.

i)     Application cum Authority letter.

ii)    D.P. Note made by the Pensioner in favour of guarantor and endorsed by the latter in favour of the Bank.

iii) D.P.Note, Take Delivery letter.



OBJECT: To provide financial assistance to pensioners, their spouse & Invalid child/children for life, towards  hospitalisation expenses for treatment of specified diseases/ailments.

ELIGIBILITY: Pensioners Retired / Employees retiring on attaining the age of normal / superannuation i.e. presently 60 years AND Pensioners retired before attaining the age of normal/ superannuation (i.e. presently 60 years) on Medical Grounds and pensioners retired before attaining the age of normal/ superannuation for Board level appointments in the Bank/ Financial institutions made by Central Government.

TIME LIMIT: Eligible pensioners will have to apply for membership along with membership contribution within 3 months of receipt of his/ her first pension.

Retiring employees may apply 15 days before the date of retirement. The date of Draft is the date of admission for membership. CONTRIBUTION & BENEFITS



Benefits Limit


2 months gross pension (Before commutation)

Rs. 2 lacs


Rs. 37.000/-

Rs. 3 lacs


Rs. 43.500/-

Rs. 4 lacs


Rs. 49.500/-

Rs. 5 lacs

Officers in Grade

Membership Contribution Rs.

Medical Benefit Rs.

Domiciliary treatment Rs


1 ,00,000/-


10% or maximum Rs. 20,000/-




10% or maximum Rs. 5000/-




10% or maximum Rs. 10.000/-


1.    Cardiac Ailments         2.    Cancer      3.    Kidney failure/transplant  4.    Paralysis

5.    Retina detachment or cornea replacement   6.    Major accidents           7.    Tumour

8.   Cerebro vascular accidents/Brain haemorrhage         9.    Total HIP/Knee replacement

10. Cataract and Glaucoma surgery    11. Tuberculosis               12. Diabetes

13. Appendicitis surgery                 14. Prostrate        15. Hernia

16. Removal of stone in gall bladder   17. Alzheimer's Disease      *           18. Parkinson's Disease *

* only for TEG VI and above who retired on or after 01.01.2007

Only Hospitalisation period expenses will be paid under the scheme except for the Diseases

No.2, 3, and 4.

Application forms are available at personal section and can be downloaded from this website.

                    RATES OF FAMILY PENSION

Family Pension has been revised w.e.f. 01.05.2005 as given below:.  The rate of dearness allowance will be as applicable to that of Pension.

 Those who have died/retired before 1.11.1993:

Scale of Pay                  Rate of Family Pension.             Minimum/Maximum

Upto Rs.1500 p.m.                     30%                              Min.  Rs.  375 p.m.

Rs.1501 to Rs.3000                   20%                              Min.  Rs.  450 p.m

Above Rs. 3000                   15%                     Min.  Rs.  600 p.m.                                                                                                                                                        Max. Rs.1250 p.m.

 Those who have died/retired from 1.11.1993  to 31.3.1998

Upto Rs.2870                            30%                              Min.  Rs.  720 p.m.

Rs.2871 to Rs.5740                   20%                              Min.  Rs.  860 p.m.

Above Rs.5740                          15%                              Min.  Rs.1150 p.m

                                                                                    Max. Rs.2400 p.m.

Those who have died/retired from 1.4.1998 to 31.10.2002              

 Upto Rs.4210                            30%                              Min.  Rs.1056 p.m.

Rs.4211 to Rs.8420                   20%                              Miin.  Rs.1262 p.m.

Above Rs.8420                          15%                              Min.  Rs.1687 p.m.

                                                                                    Max. Rs.3521 p.m.

 Those who have died/retired from 1.11.2002 and on or after 1.5.2005

Upto Rs.5720                            30%                              Min.  Rs.1435 p.m.

Rs.5721 to Rs.11440                  20%                              Min.  Rs.1715 p.m.

Above Rs.11440                         15%                              Min.  Rs.2292 p.m.

                                                                                    Max. Rs.4784 p.m.

Note: In the case of part time employees, the minimum and maximum amount of family pension shall be in proportion to the rate of scale wages drawn by the employees.


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